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Who we are

Tom Bennett

Tom BennettTom Bennett has been a teacher in the East End of London for ten years. Currently he is the Director and founder of researchED, a grass-roots, teacher-led project that aims to make teachers research-literate and pseudo-science proof. In 2009 he was made a Teacher Fellow of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge University. Since 2008 he has been writing for the TES and TES online, and is the author of four books on teacher-training, behaviour management and educational research. researchED has grown quickly from the kitchen table to a national program of conferences and online discussions, and in 2015 researchED will launch in New York and Sydney, as well as further around the UK. In his previous life he ran night clubs in Soho, which provided an obvious training ground in classroom management and pastoral care.

On twitter, he is @tombennett71

Helene Galdin-O'Shea

Helene Galdin-O'Shea has been a teacher, primarily of English, for 17 years and has led the teaching of media studies for the last 8 at A Level. Helene is part of the CPD team at her school, championing lesson study in particular and facilitating the work done by staff enquiry groups. Outside of school, she spends much of her time organising TeachMeets and Conferences, notably Pedagoo London, #TMCollaborate (a joint effort), and the researchED events with Tom Bennett. Helene is always in awe of the generosity of teachers to share their practice and their willingness to learn from one another, and she is keen to do anything to facilitate that.

Helene is interested in promoting cross-institution pedagogic collaboration as part of professional development, in supporting teachers who, tired of top-down and often poorly-informed initiatives in schools, have rightly decided to reclaim their professionalism and take control of their own development, and in promoting and developing ways for educational professionals to share the best evidence available.

On twitter, she is @hgaldinoshea and @parkhighmedia