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Our aims

It's important to define what the aims of researchED are.

1. To raise the research literacy of educators, in order for them to possess the critical skills necessary to challenge and understand the quality of research they encounter.

2. To bring together as many parties affected by educational research - e.g. teachers, academics, researchers, policy makers, teacher-trainers - in order to establish healthy relationships where field-specific expertise is pooled usefully.

3. To promote collaboration between research-users and research-creators so that educators become more involved in the questions posed for research to answer, the data generated in that process, and in the consideration of the meaning of that data.

4. To help educators become as aware as possible of significant obstacles - e.g. biases - in their own understanding of learning and education, and to locate the best methods of empirical enquiry and analysis in those fields.

5. To promote, where possible, research of any discipline that has been shown to have significant evidence of impact in education, and to challenge research that lacks integrity, or has been shown to be based on doubtful methodologies.

6. To explore 'what works' in the field of education, and to explore what the concepts contained in that statement might mean, as well as to consider the limitations of scientific enquiry in this area as well as the opportunities.