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researchED Rugby - Assessment and Curriculum

Date: 08 April 2016

On 25 June 2016, the researchED revolution is coming to Rugby.

At the heart of researchED Rugby is the belief that English education has, at this moment, a profound opportunity to reclaim curriculum and assessment for the profession and for learning. The last three or four years has seen an extraordinary amount of disruption and dislocation in terms of curriculum and assessment matters within English education. The removal of National Curriculum levels in 2013, the re-drafting of Key Stage 3 curricula, the introduction of new GCSEs and A-Levels, the ongoing controversy over teacher assessment in primary schools… the list goes on, and some serious thought is needed to make sense of it all. This is a time to encourage the development of new frameworks which enrich our learners’ lives.

To do this, we have brought together some of the sharpest minds in curriculum and assessment under one roof. Our first confirmed keynote speaker is Dame Alison Peacock. Alison is lighting up the teaching community with her work with Beyond Levels – developing a dialogue around assessment which focuses on advancing learning instead of completing soul-sapping, box-ticking data exercises. researchED Rugby aims to do exactly this, and so we are delighted to have her. Other confirmed speakers include national researchED director Tom Bennett, eminent cognitive psychologist Professor Brian Butterworth, ASCL policy director Leora Cruddas and many more – see the full list in the here.   

I love Tom Bennett’s description of researchED as a ‘polite revolution’. Attending the 2015 national conference I felt like I had stepped into one: 800 passionate, engaged, enthused people on the move, ravenous for good ideas, good discussion and developing good practice in education. If we at researchED Rugby can make a similar contribution – and, who knows, even inspire a delegate to take the ball and run with it – then I will be humbled and delighted.

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